Charming cities in alicante province

17 of march of 2018

panoramica de alicante

The province of Alicante, in Spain, has many picturesque cities and towns full of charm. All travelers who fly to Alicante Airport can easily move through the whole geography in a simple way, thanks to the good communication of the terminal, public transport and the optimal location of the different enclaves of interest of the province .

What to visit during the holidays in Alicante?

The site chosen by tourists who come to enjoy the holidays to our is another of the chosen places, its proximity to the capital and its Palm Grove, a World Heritage Site, make it a city with a great tourist attraction. Stroll through its historic center and visit the Alicante Altamira Castle, are some of the things that this charming town offers.

Benidorm, one of the most touristic cities of the Costa Blanca in Spain, is undoubtedly the favorite place for hundreds of tourists every year. Its beach, its wide range of hotels and hotels and the lively nightlife that it has, are the essential claims of this city on the shores of the Mediterranean. Without one, one of the destinations to visit if you land at the Alicante airport parking.

Towns of Alicante with charm.

Other wonderful enclaves of the province, are located at a greater distance from the airport, but from Noro Parking, we strongly advise you to make an effort to get there. Peoples of the coast like; Altea and Jávea, are places with a unique Mediterranean beauty. Enjoy its hidden coves, walks through the old town, or taste a delicious paella, are some of the things for which you will fall in love with this land.

The easiest options are to travel by bus from the airport, taxi company or commuter trains, to move comfortably from one city to another. All the options to not miss anything.

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