Aena returns the free WiFi service to the airport

18 of december of 2017

avion en el cielo

Aena returns to launch the free WiFi service at the Alicante airport with a higher speed

Aena has re-launched the free internet access service with a higher download speed and allows the use of multimedia content in high definition. One of the terminals in which this service is offered free of charge is at Alicante Airport.

This service now has no cost. In addition, advertising is eliminated as a mandatory option, which improves the service.

The new network is called Airport Free Wifi Aena. The user has 3 ways to register:

Flights to the Caribbean

Eurowings, the economic flight company that connects Alicante with Düsseodorf, continues its expansion process by presenting a new destination to the Caribbean, which is Puerto Plata. From now on, the airline introduces its offer of flights to the Dominican Republic from 200 euros each way.

The general director of said company says that he has managed to position himself as one of the most important and most successful airlines in Europe. They are one of the percussion companies of long-distance low-cost travel.